Raw Fiberglass Shell

We are excited to be the first truck camper company to offer DIYs the option to buy just the raw fiber glass shell and build it out themselves. Built like a racing yacht, our camper shells are extremely strong, lightweight, seamless, and weigh about 700 pounds. Unlike any other camper shell, our shells are made of resin-infused fiberglass with a structural core that eliminates the need for additional framing.

Please note that pricing on shells can very drastically depending on how creative one wants to get with window and door openings. On average a raw shell will cost $35,000. The turn around time for just a shell is about 8 weeks. We are happy to build additional items into the shell that people do not want to tackle themselves: window and door installs, insulation, wiring, plumbing, completed 3D CAD drawings of one's ideal camper... All work done past the raw shell is billed at time and material plus a builders fee. Please contact us for any questions on our shells or how we price them.

Shell Upgrades:

  • Built for short bed, long bed, or flatbed trucks
  • Can be up to 16’ in length
  • Marine vinyl or interweave fabric upholstered wall paneling, available in a variety of colors
  • R-12 insulation
  • Standard exterior lighting package- LED stop/tail/turn/reverse lights and marker lights
  • Marine grade vinyl flooring
  • Aircraft tie down system integrated into the floor for securing items
  • Stainless steel camper tie downs
  • Paint match to truck
  • Standard entry steps
  • Installed windows from various manufacturers.

    Additional Shell Upgrades

    • Under floor storage compartments
    • Flatbed install with exterior storage
    • Various truck modifications: wheel and tire, suspension, bumpers...
    • Install of cab over marine windows/hatches
    • Permanent or removable camper jacks
    • Graphic wraps (full or half)
    • Rear door racks/ladders capable of holding up to 1000 lbs.
    • Roof racks

    Reinventing the Camper