Let's Talk Payload Capacity and Trucks! By Sarah Bahn

Here at Bahn Camper Works we think all automobile manufactures make great trucks, but it can be frustrating shopping for a truck that you plan to put a slide-in or flatbed truck camper on. You might want to buy a ½ ton truck because you...

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Flatbed Truck Camper vs. Slide-in Truck Camper

We get a lot of inquires from potential customers that are trying to decide between a flatbed truck camper and a slide-in truck camper. And please know we are happy to answer any questions about the differences in these builds, but let me...

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Dually Rear Wheel Trucks vs. Single Rear Wheel Trucks

When building a truck camper, our highest priority is to build within a truck’s payload capacity. Lately we have almost exclusively been recommending and building on the F350 4x4 dually rear wheel (DRW) or a Dodge 3500 4x4 DRW verses...

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